CSSG is supported by a range of renowned professionals from the arts sector: cinema, design, music, photography, theatre, sculpture, writting…


[su_spoiler title=”Peter D’ Ascoli – Creative Director at D’Ascoli & Company” open=”Close”]


Peter D’Ascoli – Creative Director at D’Ascoli & Company

“Training and education give life direction and allows an individual to provide for themselves, their loved ones, and society at large. Ultimately, having a vocation helps give meaning to life. CSSG exists to deliver training to underprivileged youths, and I count it an honor and a privilege to support their good works.“


[su_spoiler title=”Emmanuelle Beequemin and Stephanie Sagot – La Cellule” open=”Close”] 


Emmanuelle Becquemin and Stephanie Sagot – La Cellule

“Our own conviction met the philosophy of the charity group (CSSG): creation is a way of blossoming and a path to freedom and it is important for us, as artists, to support it.”


[su_spoiler title=”Nandita Das – Actor, Director and Social Activist” open=”Close”]


Nandita Das – Actor, Director and Social Activist

“I spoke at an event hosted by CSSG on the use of the creative sectors to aid underprivileged young men and woman. CSSG has a wonderful ethos that holds a lot of promise. To provide opportunities to underprivileged young men and woman post 18 carries a lot of responsibility and hard work. Initiatives that help break the poverty cycle should be encouraged. The creative sectors holds great promise towards changing people’s lives. I wish CSSG all the best in its endeavours.”


[su_spoiler title=”Dr. Amin Jaffer – International Director of Asian Art for Christies” open=”Close”]


Dr. Amin Jaffer – International Director of Asian Art for Christies

“I believe that this initiative is going to place India once again in the forefront of international minds when it comes to design the applied arts fashion media across the board., India’s economic revival – India’s economic renaissance – must be matched by a cultural one and this project led by Anand (Kapoor) I believe will really unite a variety of forces in this country; a variety of talents from throughout India north to south east to west and provide a superb platform for the talent of Indians who are engaging with contemporary life technology contemporary tastes and have a great capacity to change the way in which the world looks at India and the way the world interacts with India. “


[su_spoiler title=”Ana Maria Labin – International Renowned Soprano” open=”Close”]


 Ana Maria Labin –International renowned Soprano

“As a result of working with CSSG my mind to how charity CAN work in India. CSSG allows amazing young people get chances and opportunities, ones that many of us in the western world take for granted. Through art in its many facets, inviting artists from different countries, different ethnicity, the thriving CSSG initiative combines the power of performance and culture to bring awareness and fundraising to where it matters; in health, acceptance and education. The future is in the hands of our next generation: with a good start, they can make the difference. And CSSG is at its roots!“


[su_spoiler title=”Renu Modi – Owner and founder of Gallery Espace” open=”Close”]


Renu Modi – Owner and founder of Gallery Espace

“CSSG has my full support in all its endeavors. I was impressed by Anand’s passion and love for arts. May your vision to support arts in such a dynamic way take great heights!”


[su_spoiler title=”Dia Mirza – Actress and Activist” open=”Close”]

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza – Actress and Activist

“Creative awareness of gender is the need of the hour and hence I stand committed to this cause by CSSG. To uphold the voices of our girls expressing their aspirations, their dreams and their plans. To inspire them, to wipe their tears to give them the wings to soar I stand by them.”


[su_spoiler title=”Raj Nanda – CEO, Art Equity” open=”Close”]


Raj Nanda – CEO, Art Equity

“I was told about CSSG through a friend and was asked if I would like to help. When I became aware of the wonderful job that this Charity was doing, I knew I had to be involved. Not only does CSSG provide support financially and emotionally, it provides skills that can be used by beneficiaries into adulthood – skills that not only allow them to follow a career, defend for themselves but importantly build self-esteem by being a contributing participant in the community. I am humbled to be part of this great initiative.”


[su_spoiler title=”Pitamber Sahni – Principal PITAMBER DESIGN STUDIO” open=”Close”]

Pitamber Sahni


“Life is all about opportunity. A lot of us wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the opportunities that have been granted to us along the way. What probably made all the difference was having someone around helping us make the most of them. This is exactly what CSSG is doing for underprivileged youth in India.

CSSG plays a unique role in providing opportunities for underprivileged youth through skill-based training in the creative sectors thereby allowing the individual to grow and ensure a secure future for themselves. By providing a holistic approach to helping someone re-navigate life CSSG is making a real difference.“


[su_spoiler title=”Hemant Sagar – Designer and Founder of Lecoanet hemant” open=”Close”]


Hemant Sagar – Designer and Founder of Lecoanet Hemant

“I have known about CSSG since its inception when I was just a supporter at their first fund raiser. My interests were tweaked post this first event and I reached out to find out more. Since then I have gained a better knowledge of their work and efforts towards changing mind sets and how they deal with poverty through creative sectors. The work they are doing is truly life changing for the young men and women they help. Their ethos falls very much in line with Lecoanet Hemant’s ethos as an organization and it is with much kudos to them that they are making changes. We are a strong advocate of using the creative sectors as a tool to help underprivileged young men and woman. As a result when I was asked to join their advisory board I welcomed the opportunity to advise them, when need be, on taking this strong and powerful initiative forward.”


[su_spoiler title=”Sharmilla Tagore – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Actress and Begam Avesha Sultan of Pataudi” open=”Close”]


Sharmila Tagore – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Actress and Begam Ayesha Sultan of Pataudi

“I hope you will agree and allow me to say that the way Indian creative sectors and artists are projected abroad is quite limited the full range of our talents is not really projected in the way it ought to be I think that is probably because of the fragmented nature of the Creative sectors itself. India is a growing metaphor of what is happening in the world today so we need to look within and out to make sure that India does go to the next level. The best of modern India is what we want to see represented.“


[su_spoiler title=”Sir Mark Tully – Former Bureau Chief of BBC and Writer” open=”Close”]


Sir Mark Tully – Former Bureau Chief of BBC and Writer

“I do believe very strongly that we need to broaden the cultural links between our two countries and around the world. But at the same time I do believe very firmly that this does not mean producing a mish mash of culture but it means respecting and learning from each other’s cultures which I believe is primarily an Indian thing to do.“


[su_spoiler title=”Rashmi Varma – Head of Rashmi Varma Design” open=”Close”]


Rashmi Varma – Head of Rashmi Varma Design

“We love everything about what CSSG stands for – empowerment through creativity. Every creative organisation should work with CSSG to help realize dreams of those who may not have the chance to do so.”


[su_spoiler title=”Damian Whiteley – Opera Singer and Musician” open=”Close”]

Damien Whiteley

Damian Whiteley – Opera Singer and Musician 

“My experience of the work of CSSG is one of a ground breaking, innovative and highly creative approach to fostering a sense of social consciousness and philanthropy in Indian society, with the most brilliant idea of engaging creative talents from around the globe to raise awareness as well as funding. The genuine concern, unfailing energy and tenacity of Anand Kapoor and his dedicated team constantly amazes me and inspires me to do what I can to support this truly modern and moral endeavour. “