MAITRI NEW LOGO 2013Maitri  India is a developmental and humanitarian NGO working with vulnerable populations in India including Women who are at the risk of facing gender-based violence, Destitute and Elderly Women/Widows, Migrant workers and their families in Urban Environments to enable access to Basic Rights, Underprivileged communities and those affected by HIV/Aids.

Maitri India is delighted to collaborate with CSSG towards the upliftment of underserved communities through creative and vocational initiatives. As a non-profit organisation, Maitri strives to empower undeserved young people that they may have secure future and are able to fulfil their dreams. Moreover, as an organisation we have gained more qualitative and quantitative knowledge that students are seeking services from centres to pursue their ambitions. Keeping this in view, we consider our partnership with CSSG crucial to engage young people in well-tailored programmes ”.

Sonal Singh Wadha – Chief Executive Officer, Maitri India