Personal stories

Although the youth that CSSG work with come from a variety of backgrounds, they follow a similar pattern once they reach CSSG. Below are individual stories and a general description of how CSSG identifies, places, and monitors placements.

In order to find and reach participants, CSSG established partnerships with local charities (such as Rainbow Homes) who work with children until they turn, approximately, 18. Following this, the young adults are met by CSSG at their homes, where an informal chat takes place to seek out young men and women interested in full time employment in the creative sectors. The young adults chosen get a briefing by CSSG and their own charity to help prepare for their upcoming interview with a prospect employer in the field of their choice. Meanwhile, CSSG works to bring suitable employers on board.

The employers conduct an interview with the young men and women. Once the participants are selected they are each given a trial period which, if successfully completed, leads to a full-time job placement. Because of the complexity of this transition to an alien environment, CSSG provides two forms of additional support: regular counseling and a mentor. In order to ensure the efficacy of the placement, CSSG conducts regular site visits while the young adults are responsible for maintaining their own records and updating CSSG with their progress and any ongoing challenges.

Maria (name changed)