The FarmLove movement is not just a brand supplying chemical free produce but also one that promotes a way of life. Working directly with farmers from rural india, teaching and training them on growing chemical free produce, not just for us and the markets but also to encourage them to imbibe this way of life for themselves. For our consumers, the vision is for FarmLove to not be a one off item for households but a staple item for every household; as after all, chemical free produce is not a privilege, it is a basic right.

When CSSG approached us to work with them on an amazing farm to plate project, it was not only an instant connect but also an opportunity for us at Farm Love to be able to share our knowledge and learning’s with young minds, who are the future and brand ambassadors of a better, cleaner way of life. We are honored to able to share our fields amongst some top of chefs of the world and conduct hands on farming workshops, teaching the young adults how just a few seeds turns into nourishing food. Resonating CSSG’s vision, our combined aim is to emphasize to the children, the process and daily care involved in chemical- free farming and the importance of respecting this and our millions of farmers who work on their field every day to provide us with the food we eat ”.

Ambika Seth, Founder of Farm Love