Creative Services Support Group (CSSG) believes in equal opportunities regardless of the upbringing. We believe that young people from underprivileged backgrounds should be given opportunities through vocational training and job placements, we encourage creative talents, we lead and support them.

Giving the next generation the necessary education is one of the most important India’s challenges. More than half of India’s population, 1.2 billion, is under the age of twenty-five. Over one million young adults enter the workforce each month – and it will continue for the next two decades. The government estimates that 500 million young people must be trained by 2022.

The private sector understands that students, even those who excelled in school, need additional training, while marginalized young people find it almost impossible to access skill-based training or the qualifications needed for a good job. Large companies run in-house universities to prepare efficient recruits, but many smaller firms lack the resources to run training programs.

We seek to improve the quality of the workforce both by training new employees and putting them in contact with potential employers.

Giving our youth a starting point and a framework is essential for our society’s future. Without our support and sometimes with a heavy burden, many young people will fail. We try to help as many disadvantaged young people as we can. We want them to stand on their own feet and have a bright future. We give them the necessary tools to build a financially secure future.

The potential impact is incalculable, each successful life influences the people one by one. We create a growing network of benefactors and beneficiaries.

Quite simply, we want a better India with a better future and are working towards it in the best way we know.