CSSG SUMMIT 2013 at the Leela Palace, New Delhi

By Great British Chefs | 18 December 2013

Creative Services Support Group (CSSG) is a unique non-profit charitable organization whose aim is to aidsummit-2013-3 underprivileged young adults through skills training and mentorship within the creative sectors.This year their annual summit celebrated ‘Food and Art’ by inviting nine international Michelin star chefs which included a group of Great British Chefs to The Leela Palace New Delhi.


In the autumn of this year the Creative Services Support Group (CSSG) held their annual summit involving nine international Michelen star chefs which included a group of Great British Chefs: Frances Atkins (The Yorke Arms), Laurie Gear (The Artichoke), Alyn Williams (Alyn Williams at the Westbury), Michael Wignall; (The Latymer) and Marcello Tully (Kinloch Lodge), as well as by Roger Pizey, Ian Curley and Mark Best.

These chefs were invited to help celebrate ‘Food and Art’ taking a journey across 2 cities over the five day event, where they were involved in a series of Master classes and culinary events held at the Leela Palace, New Delhi and the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai in support of CSSG. The Chefs also visited schools and conducted an interesting sessions of master classes with the students of Vasant Valley and Teach India school in Delhi. The master class sessions help provide an opportunity for the kids to explore their creativity and learn about the world of gastronomy from some of the most successful chefs in world. This platform provides a unique and exciting forum for young kids to exchange ideas and get inspired by these culinary stalwarts.


In addition there were a series of dinners showcasing the dishes of the chefs at The Leela Palace New Delhi. The dishes cooked by the nine chefs were interpreted by students from College of Art kids New Delhi.





At the launch of the Summit, President of CSSG, Anand Kapoor said, “This year we have incorporated many new experiences and turned art and food on its head by exploring the relationship between the two. We have really pushed the envelope by bringing together such amazing talent from all over the world in such a great number who have all come out in support of the charity (NGO). The key though is for us to ensure that these initiatives allow us to help the individuals we are trying to help. Post last year we placed several individuals and they have flourished under the care and guidance of their mentors.”

Kunal Chauhan, resident manager, The Leela Palace, New Delhi said, “We are delighted to support CSSG in their vision to promote opportunities for underprivileged young adults in the field of art & gastronomy for the consecutive year. It was exciting to see the F&B talent at The Leela Palace New Delhi work hand in hand with the world’s most celebrated chefs making series of the evening events and the master classes a huge success. As a part of our ethos, we have always believed in responsible luxury and hence look forward to associate with such endeavours in future as well”.