Programme 2015

CSSG has dedicated 2015 as the ‘Year of Women’. During this year, the organisation has successfully educated 450 young men and women in gender sensitivity and 53 young underprivileged girls as chefs.

There are few opportunities for underprivileged young women in India and the ones available are not always utilized due to the restraints many women face in their societies.

There is an ongoing need to raise awareness and for female role-models to change this perception. It is important to show young women that there are opportunities beyond the conventional roles in society; we need to create venues that will empower them to make choices that can dramatically make a difference in their lives as well as in their communities.

We hope that by providing them with these opportunities they will be encouraged to take a step forward in their lives, strive for new career opportunities, and become inspiring role models for future generations of young women.

40 Girls to 40 Chefs

And Still I Rise

Career Exposure

Monthly Inspirational Talks