CSSG decided in 2016 to focus on education and youth empowerment, 

And Still I Rise’: Education on gender stereotypes

In 2014 and 2015 CSSG initiated a pilot project regarding education on gender stereotypes. It included a two-part workshop series and an art exhibition, using writing and painting to address the issue of gender stereotypes.

In 2016, the project is renewed and expanded to a larger number of participants. The new major focus for this year is the involvement of male personalities and the publication of a book.

‘200 Youths to 200 Chefs’: Culinary training & Job placements

During the first phase of this initiative in 2015, initially titled ‘40 Girls to 40 Chefs’, CSSG provided support to young underprivileged young women with education opportunities through a course at a culinary school in Delhi, followed by mentoring by industry experts and placement at leading standalone restaurants.

The 2016’s project titled, ‘200 Youths to 200 Chefs’, will be expanded to a larger number of young adults, including young boys. The new objectives are also to enable the acquisition of complementary skills for the participants.

‘The Edible Education’ project

The “Edible Education” project is a new initiative launched in 2016 to combine access to proper nutrition with garden-based education. It will educate children on healthy nutrition and will provide an opportunity to underprivileged youth to have access to edible and ethically grown food.