CSSG is supported by many humanitarian and education professionals, who provide invaluable support, guidance and advice.


[su_spoiler title=”Simone Bamford – MBBS (Hons) FRACGP – AUSTRALIAopen=”Close”]


Simone Bamford – MBBS (Hons) FRACGP – AUSTRALIA

”From what I have seen of the work of CSSG, it is making a material difference to the lives of young underprivileged men and women in India, one individual at a time. I was lucky enough to be able to meet one of the recipients of CSSG’s assistance. The young man has been given the opportunity and support to be able to drastically change the course of his life, from one destined for poverty and a fight to survive on the streets, to starting on the road to a career in the hospitality industry. With this first step, he is now able to benefit from all of the opportunities that employment inherently brings – income, security, education and training, resulting in increased confidence and sense of self-worth, and a vision for his own successful future. This success story is just one among many to date, and we can only hope that the progress that CSSG is making will continue in such a positive direction.”


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Cherie Blair QC

“… A good idea. I wish you well.”

[su_spoiler title=”Emilie Gioia Director of Programs The Edible Schoolyard Project, Berkeley” open=”Close”]

Emilie Gioia

Emilie Gioia – Director of Programs The Edible Schoolyard Project, Berkeley

“We are inspired by CSSG’s continued work to foster a sustainable food system that not only supports the health of the planet but also provides great opportunity and purpose for India’s future generations.”


[su_spoiler title=”Anwarul Haque Head of Dilse Campaign for Rainbow Homes” open=”Close”]


Anwarul Haque – Head of Dilse Campaign for Rainbow Homes

“We are pleased to support CSSG in its effort to secure a career for homeless young adults in our care. CSSG provides invaluable support at a highly crucial juncture of the lives of street children as they grow into adults in need of self-sustaining livelihood options. The work CSSG is doing is absolutely crucial to help ensure that the youth we work with continue to take steps forward towards a self-sustaining future as they become adults. CSSG provides the young adults in our care a hope for the future and a life filled with dignity, respect, and purpose. It’s crucial that this organization is supported in order to make a better life for the underprivileged.“


[su_spoiler title=”Eliza Hilton – Flow India Founder-Director” open=”Close”]

Eliza hilton

Eliza Hilton – Flow India Founder-Director

“Flow India is excited to be CSSG’s implementation partner. Our collaboration has begun by conceptualizing, designing and delivering workshops for the two-part ‘And Still I Rise’ exhibition outreach where we have run thought-provoking, engaging sessions on gender-sensitisation. These have culminated in a creative writing output, which will be collated into a book and be showcased at an international art exhibition at Institut Cervantes in March 2015.  We are looking forward to a long and sustained partnership with CSSG as we are completely in line with the values that they are working towards; supporting and empowering children and young people to succeed, using creative industries to support themselves.”


[su_spoiler title=”Andrew Maxwell Managing Director and Principal Tante Marie Culinary Academy” open=”Close”]


Andrew Maxwell – Managing Director and Principal Tante Marie Culinary Academy

“Tante Marie Culinary Academy, a leader in preparing people for careers in food, is proud to support this fabulous mission in helping those who face challenges along the way achieve their dreams

CSSG’s work providing aid to underprivileged adults through skills training and mentorship is aligned perfectly with Tante Marie’s aim to provide inspirational, skills based training to those looking for a career in culinary arts, with an emphasis on classical skills taught in a hands-on environment. ”


[su_spoiler title=”Steve Moffitt Chief Executive Officer A New Direction (AND)” open=”Close”]


Steve Moffitt – Chief Executive Officer A New Direction (AND)

“A New Direction is excited to work in partnership with CSSG. Creating opportunities for young people to experience, learn and work as part of the Creative and Cultural industries is central to both organisation’s mission, vision and values. The task ahead is challenging and there is a great deal to be achieved. Both AND and CSSG are young, ambitious and strategic organisations, working in different cities in different parts of the world – it is important for us to be networked and connected – however it is more important for the young people we work with to be connected to one another and to a global aspiration of what is possible. We look forward to successful collaborations, sharing of ideas and a rich exchange of learning.”


[su_spoiler title=”Sara Pilot Director Centre for Equity and Inclusion (CEQUIN)” open=”Close”]

Sarah Pilot copy

Sara Pilot – Director Centre for Equity and Inclusion (CEQUIN)

“Creating sustainable livelihoods opportunities for women is a constant challenge that we deal with. Partnership with CSSG provides CEQUIN with a great opportunity to explore exciting new career prospectives for young women from underprivileged backgrounds. It is hoped that with the new skill sets that they acquire, they will be able to seek employment in well paid jobs, enabling them to bring themselves as well as their families out of poverty.”


[su_spoiler title=”Shaloo Sharma – Head Pallavanjali India” open=”Close”]


Shaloo Sharma – Head Pallavanjali India

“Creative Services Support Group has showcased that it is one Non-Profit Organisation that makes good of its Statement of encouraging a new vision on the role of the creative sectors; the role they play in regenerating cities, the value of arts, and global opportunities among them with an emphasis on India.”


[su_spoiler title=”Ambika Seth – Founder of Farm Love” open=”Close”]

Ambika Seth1

Ambika Seth – Founder of Farm Love

“When CSSG approached us to work with them on this amazing farm to plate project, it was not only an instant connect but also an opportunity for us at Farm Love to be able to share our knowledge and learning’s with young minds, who are the future and brand ambassadors of a better, cleaner way of life. We are honored to able to share our fields amongst some top of chefs of the world and conduct hands on farming workshops, teaching the young adults how just a few seeds turns into nourishing food. Resonating CSSG’s vision, our combined aim is to emphasize to the children, the process and daily care involved in chemical- free farming and the importance of respecting this and our millions of farmers who work on their field every day to provide us with the food we eat”


[su_spoiler title=”Sonal Singh Wadha – Chief Executive Officer, Maitri India” open=”Close”]

Sonal SIngh Wahdwa

Sonal Singh Wadha – Chief Executive Officer, Maitri India

“Maitri India is delighted to collaborate with CSSG towards the upliftment of underserved communities through creative and vocational initiatives. As a non-profit organisation, Maitri strives to empower undeserved young people that they may have secure future and are able to fulfil their dreams. Moreover, as an organisation we have gained more qualitative and quantitative knowledge that students are seeking services from centres to pursue their ambitions. Keeping this in view, we consider our partnership with CSSG crucial to engage young people in well-tailored programmes. We look forward to a high impacting and successful partnership and making a difference together.”