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Anubhav Dham – Executive Director Amtek


“Amtek has continually focussed  on Children’s Education & skill development of youth.  By supporting CSSG’s outreach program we have taken a step towards providing skill based training to young adults of the marginalized segments of the society who otherwise have limited opportunities. We firmly believe that youth needs to be provided vocational training in various creative fields to give them diversified options of employment thus becoming empowered citizens of our Nation with equal rights & opportunities.”


[su_spoiler title=”Gustavo de Aristegui – Ambassador of Spain in New Delhi“]


Gustavo de Arístegui – Ambassador of Spain in New Delhi

“I have known about CSSG since their first fund raising event in 2011. Over the years I have got to know them better. The work and dedication they have on providing opportunities to young men and woman is phenomenal. It has been an honour to be able to support such a powerful initiative and utilise the creative sectors to help those less fortunate than us. On a more personal note I have found Anand Kapoor to be one of the few people I know who is focussed, dynamic and determined to make a change through the charity. It is important that we support such initiatives as CSSG in any way we can as this has the potential to make a massive change to the way we view poverty in India.”


[su_spoiler title=”Ennanuel Balayer – CEO Emmanuel Balayer Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd “]


Emmanuel Balayer – CEO Emmanuel Balayer Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

“It gives me immense pleasure to support CSSG. Its goals and initiatives are very close to my heart. It is clear, having worked in the luxury sector for many years now, that there is a real shortage of talent that can be made up from the young men and woman CSSG supports. The need of the day is to break the poverty cycle and ensure that opportunities exist for them to be able to live a life of dignity and quite contentment. What is clear is that by helping even one young man and woman it acts as a butterfly effect and they go on to help several others as they grow. I am honoured to be part of the advisory group and help guide CSSG’s initiatives to make a better future for the underprivileged young men and woman of India. Together we can make a difference. I applaud CSSG’s efforts.”


[su_spoiler title=”Sapna Chadha – VP Marketing at American Express“]


 Sapna Chadha –P Marketing at American Express

“During my time at American Express I worked closely with CSSG from 2011 to 2013. CSSG have a strong ethos and a powerful message that they are able to share through strong fundraising initiatives that are both unique and exciting. The results of CSSG’s fundraising initiatives go to help young men and woman from less fortunate backgrounds. The work CSSG does is commendable and much needed in a country like India. I wish them luck in their future initiatives and will always be there to support them.“


[su_spoiler title=”Sonalee Kumar – Director, TCC“]


Sonalee Kumar – Director, TCC

“We at TCC are proud of our association with CSSG and wholeheartedly support all its initiatives and endeavours that provide dignity, hope and self-reliance to the underprivileged in the creative sector.“


[su_spoiler title=”Kumari Selja – Union Minister of State for Education and Culture 2011 presently memeber of the 15th Lok Sabha of India“]


Kumari Selja – Union Minister of State for Education and Culture 2011 presently member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India

“Emerging economies will be driven with creative ideas and this knowledge will determine the manner in which competitiveness evolves, creative industries are a new reality now and they are poised to boast high growth in the coming years. We Indians have inherited such great heritage which we can draw upon and it is for us to blend and mould this treasure into an economic force.“


[su_spoiler title=”Sir Richard Stagg – Ex Ambassador to India 2011 presently British Ambassador to Afghanistan“]


Sir Richard Stagg – Ex Ambassador to India 2011 presently British Ambassador to Afghanistan

“I think in this area the UK and India are very natural partners. If you look at the importance of culture and creativity in India it is clear that it is essential to the Indian personality and identity. If you look at the UK in terms of our engagement with Literature, Theatre cinema and the Arts over centuries again we have too a very long history of innovation and creativity. So what I hope is that this exercise will light a new flame in the cultural and creative partnership between our two countries.“