Top chefs, restaurants and gastronomical professionals make CSSG’s projects possible by their valuable support.


[su_spoiler title=”Anjum Anand – Food Writer and TV Chef” open=”Close”]


Anjum Anand – Food writer and TV Chef

“I worked with CSSG on their very first event and was very impressed by the organisation. It was an ambitious plan that all came together beautifully, was lots of fun and most importantly, raised money to help underprivileged children gain apprenticeships in the culinary world. In a country where the poor rarely get any opportunities for advancement and often go without food, it is a great cause to pursue and one that CSSG are doing with true commitment and determination. I wish Anand and Aditi lots of success with it.”


[su_spoiler title=”Mark best – Chef/Owner Marque Restaurant & Pei Modern“]


Mark Best – Chef/ Owner Marque Restaurant & Pei Modern

“Coming from a city like Sydney it is very difficult to comprehend the scale of poverty in India. Seen against this background CSSG’s charitable efforts are phenomenal. It is easy to forget that such a large number of young men and woman have nothing and have few opportunities open to them. Whilst I was in India it struck me that CSSG’s initiative is so simple yet so powerful a tool that can really change the lives of these young men and woman. It is amazing that such an initiative had not been set up before in India. Using the modern creative sectors to make a change in a fast developing country makes absolute sense to me and CSSG deserves strong kudos for their achievements. India is a country with extremes and to bring together these two dichotomies through food is a worthy venture. CSSG took us to visit some of the young men and woman they help. It was truly an eye opener and placed into context the work CSSG does. They truly have my support and I am happy to make available to them any help I am able to provide.”[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Vineet Bhatia – Chef Patron Rasoi, London and Rashima Bhatia Managing Director R.V.B Cuisine Ltd. London“]


Vineet Bhatia – Chef Patron Rasoi, London and Rashima Bhatia Managing Director R.V.B Cuisine Ltd, London

“Rashima and I have supported CSSG’s initiatives since 2011 there are few organisations that are creatively rethinking vocational training in the same way that CSSG is. Instead of viewing vocational training as a short-term solution to youth unemployment by quickly training young adults for repetitive work on an assembly line, CSSG guides students towards a long-term solution by training underprivileged young men and woman for a career that is worthwhile, challenging, and intrinsically interesting. By providing them with the opportunity to develop tangible skills for long lasting careers in a variety of fast-growing sectors and beyond teaching students literacy and arithmetic, CSSG foster in the youth they work with the ability to think originally and creatively about a wide range of issues in a myriad of rewarding careers. They go beyond teaching the proverbial man to catch a fish; they nurture youths’ innate creativity, giving them the ability to rethink, reinvent, and disrupt the entire” fishing” industry.”


[su_spoiler title=”Mickey Bhotie – Executive Chef Le Cirque New Delhi“]


Mickey Bhoite – Executive Chef Le Cirque New Delhi

CSSG has laid a broad, strong foundation for a prosperous economy with the aim of arming under privileged with essential skills of securing a job they love and leading a dignified life. It was an honour and a privilege to be part of this wonderful initiative and look forward to many more such opportunities to work with Anand. Kudos to Anand and team for conceptualizing such an endeavour, giving the folks a chance to dream and importantly, making those dreams come true! My best wishes and full support to the team!”


[su_spoiler title=”Seema Chandra – Food Editor, NDTV Convergence“]


Seema Chandra – Food Editor, NDTV Convergence

“I have had the opportunity to be associated with CSSG before as a participant and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. CSSG manages to get the best people in their respective fields on one platform and ensures engagement that pushes the boundaries of creativity. I look forward to guiding CSSG towards achieving an impactful influence on society.“


[su_spoiler title=”Vincent Cleme LOUIS XIII – Brand Ambassador“]


Vincent Cleme LOUIS XIII – Brand Ambassador

“Believe me… Anand Kapoor and his team at The Creative Services Support Group (‘CSSG’) are never short of energy, creativity and persistence to conceptualize and execute new and ambitious ways to support underprivileged young adults in India and raise funds for the cause. As a sponsor in 2013, I was impressed by the passion, the professionalism and more importantly, the transparency of the team.”


[su_spoiler title=”Dominique Crenn – Chef Owner Atelier Crenn. San Francisco“]

Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn – Chef Owner Atelier Crenn, San Francisco

“I met Anand through a very dear friend of mine and fellow chef April Bloomfield. I learnt about the phenomenal work the Creative Services Support Group does. Giving opportunities to young men and women from less fortunate backgrounds is a phenomenal cause. I look forward to be able to support them now and in the future. Their work allows these young men and women to pursue a career and having a meaningful life in which they are able to give back to society some of the opportunities CSSG has given them. I am thrilled to be an Ambassador for such an important cause close to my heart.”


[su_spoiler title=”Peter Csizmadia – International Wine Consultant Honigh“]


Peter Csizmadia – International Wine Consultant Honigh

“Learning a trade gives you technical skills and equips you with vocational discipline. Having a mentor can be a true inspiration. CSSG combines these ingredients in their approach to giving underprivileged Indian kids a life-changing opportunity and that is why I was proud to support their fund-raising efforts.”


[su_spoiler title=”Ian Curley – Hatted Executive Chef of the European Melbourne Australia“]


Ian Curley – Hatted Executive Chef of the European Melbourne Australia

“It has been my pleasure to travel to beautiful India and work with CSSG in promoting a chance for young people to be able to turn their lives around. I have been both inspired and motivated to be able to work with some of the worlds’ best chefs and to be able to create an opportunity for people from a disadvantaged background to at least have the opportunity to begin to have a life where they are given a chance to build a life with dignity and respect.

I believe that where we can we should give people a hand up and not a hand out and i am proud to say that we have done such great work with CSSG, and i would welcome the chance to work with them again.“


[su_spoiler title=”Laurie Gear – Chef Patron, Artichoke Restaurant, Amershan – UK“]


Laurie Gear – Chef Patron, Artichoke Restaurant, Amersham – UK

“We were first approached by Anand Kapoor and the CSSG Group back in 2012 to come to India and cook as a guest chef as part of a fundraising event hosting by one of India prestigious and highly respected Hotel groups. Having done our preliminary research prior to leaving we already had a strong understanding of the goals Anand and the CSSG had – it was not until our arrival in India that the true gravity of their task became apparent. Our small part in which we played was a piece in a much large jigsaw – is soon became apparent that months and months of planning had gone into this fantastic event and it was humbling to witness an experience the total loving support that surrounded us during our visit. This event has now gained great momentum since we first joined it at the beginning on our last visit in 2013 we were privileged to cook alongside some of the world’s greatest chefs and experience first-hand the impact that Anand and the CSSG were achieving. Their energies and imagination seem to hold no boundaries with the ultimate goal to great opportunities for the under privilege youth of India. Over the years we have been requested to support many charitable organisations and our reasons for choosing the CSSG group were that they really do have the personal touch and the ability to really make a difference. We can finally conclude that Anand and is lovely wife Aditi and his organisation have truly created a solid foundation for future charitable works that can really impact on people’s lives of the most positive nature.”


[su_spoiler title=”Nira kehar – Chef and Patron at Chez Nini“]


Nira Kehar – Chef and Patron at Chez Nini

“I first met Anand last year and learnt about his efforts to create a community with CSSG. The honesty and the genuine emotion towards making a difference in someone’s life, and the creative direction that came along with that process, was too overwhelming to not be a part off!

CSSG really knows how to reach out in the most beautiful manner and makes you want to be a part of their community, to add value to a society in genuine need.

It didn’t take me long to get back to CSSG and request them to make me a part of this meaningful journey and soon enough I was fortunate to be introduced to Shiva, a humble boy, who wanted to work hard and find his place within the hospitality industry.

To learn about Shiva’s relentless dedication and passion towards his work at Chez Nini was the biggest honor I could receive by being a part of CSSG.

I wish CSSG all the best and look forward to making a difference again.”


[su_spoiler title=”Jatin Mallick and Julia Carmen Desa – Chef Proprietors Tres“]


 Jatin Mallick and Julia Carmen Desa – Chef Proprietors Tres 

“CSSG enables individuals and groups working together, to create and invest in projects that benefit the public. Anand Kapoor’s dedication to give our community a creative platform through CSSG is invaluable. The efforts put in by CSSG in organizing various initiatives like “Getting Michelin chef’s to India” are very impressive with unsurpassed efficiency and excellence. CSSG is an organisation that is very responsive to the needs of the community. As a service organisation they have been very prompt in responding to the needs of the individuals by working very closely and also developing a skill set, which will enable them to overcome the challenges required in today’s competitive times. We at TRES would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to CSSG for getting us involved in their initiatives and giving us a chance to give back to the society.”


[su_spoiler title=”Manish Mehrotra – Executive Chef for Pan Asian Cuisine for Old World Hospitality and Head Chef at Indian Accent“]


Manish Mehrotra – Executive Chef for Pan Asian Cuisine for Old World Hospitality and Head Chef at Indian Accent

“CSSG is a wonderful initiative. It’s my honour and privilege to be associated with it. CSSG is encouraging underprivileged talent in different creative sectors and I wish them success in all their future endeavours. We shall always support the group in the best possible way.“


[su_spoiler title=”Roger Pizey – Michelin Starred Chef Patisserie at Marco Restaurant and Author“]


Roger Pizey – Michelin Starred Chef Patisserie at Marco Restaurant and Author

“After coming out to India and seeing the work CSSG is doing I felt confident enough to be able to personally endorse them. For me to be able to endorse an organisation like CSSG I need to be convinced of the work they are doing and know that it is directly helping those who need help. I personally was able to endorse CSSG to A New Direction in London as I had seen the opportunities CSSG is giving young men and women from underprivileged backgrounds. It is truly inspiring the work CSSG continue to do and I am honoured to be able to have in some small way helped them achieve their goals. I am thrilled to be involved and support CSSG’s efforts to ensure a brighter future for those less fortunate.”


[su_spoiler title=”Anamika Singh – Director and Founder of Anandini Himalaya Tea – INDIA“]


Anamika Singh – Director and Founder of Anandini Himalaya Tea – INDIA

“To feel with the heart is one thing and to feel with the heart, create ways to give back to the society where there is a sense of responsibility and the want to make a difference is another! CSSG follows the latter and it gives me an opportunity to do my bit in this world where people talk more than they act!“


[su_spoiler title=”Shradha Singh – Deputy Director at L’Opera (French Bakery Pvt. Ltd.)“]


Shradha Singh – Deputy Managing Director at L’Opéra (French Bakery Pvt. Ltd.)

“CSSG is such a dynamic organization. We have worked together closely since their inception when we conducted a round of open interviews at one of the homes they work with for their career day. As a result we took on a young man who initially came to us for training but has since been offered a full time position. What CSSG does is increasingly necessary in this day and age. Most of the young men and woman they work with are left without any true opportunities to progress in life. CSSG’s initiatives encapsulate our strong ethos to support the wider community and help those around us. One of the key qualities that sets CSSG apart from other agencies working in this field is their sustained efforts to walk the path of integration – the accompaniment and interface between us and the young men has proved crucial to the success and learning for all parties. We at L’Opéra are encouraged to continue supporting and walking the path of transformation with CSSG.”


[su_spoiler title=”Marcello Tully – Michelin Starred Chef“]


Marcello Tully – Michelin Starred Chef

”This charitable organisation is driven in its determination to help young underprivileged people gain the opportunity and an open door to learn a trade, become self-sufficient and to fulfill their ambitions.”


[su_spoiler title=”Michael Wignall – Michelin starred Chef at the Latymer UK“]


Michael Wignall – Michelin starred Chef at the Latymer UK

“Travelling to India and to be able to contribute towards CSSG (Creative Services Support Group) initiatives was a deeply rewarding experience. To be able to give support to those less fortunate was an honour and education in itself.

The work CSSG is doing by allowing young men and women to live with dignity is something I shall never forget and an experience that money can’t buy.

It was great to be able to give something back through the work CSSG does as well as experience another culture, new flavours and ingredients. The time there has left an indelible mark on me and inspired me both professionally and personally. I am proud to be part of this change. “