Artistic people must be encouraged to present their works and improve themselves.

We don’t want them to give up their passion for art and choose a conventional career because they need it to earn their living. We want them to achieve success and get out of the cycle of poverty and neglect. Our activities focus on applied art rather than on fine art.

This sector is supported through the “Art Exhibition and Outreach Project” (AEOP), an initiative created in 2015 by CSSG in collaboration with several partners organizations such as Flow India (Delhi) and A New Direction (London). This project includes two forms of expression: writing and painting. Girls aged 14 to 18 in India and other countries, have been invited to write to the world on their personal hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. Besides that, a number of contemporary artists have been invited to produce works reflecting gender and the power of writing. The proposed exhibition intended to present a selection of the letters with the artwork.

A book will compile the letters, the artwork and the results.